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“Forest of Craft” is operated by PERSPECTIVE, an organization that focuses on Urushi, natural lacquer that has been used in Japan for more than ten thousand years. PERSPECTIVE uses Urushi as a central axis to learn about the relationship between people and nature that has been passed down through crafts as well as sow the seeds for social harmony, heightened sensitivity to nature, and sustainable lifestyles.


共同代表 松山幸子

Sachiko Takamuro

Co-founder, Craft Culture Coordinator

The view that crafts are a symbol of the sustainable relationship between humans and nature and a manifestation of the workings of nature informs all of Sachiko’s work. For her, crafts are fundamentally spiritual and serve as a way for people to connect with something larger than themselves. Sachiko designs educational programs with international appeal that focus on crafts as a mirror of our society, values, and spirituality. With these same views in mind, she works to ensure the sustainability of traditional crafting materials, such as Urushi, and traditional crafts. Traditional crafts are a foundational method of connecting with nature, and Sachiko wants to make sure they are passed down to future generations. In present-day society, mass production fuels the creation of identical products. People are in danger of losing their sensitivity to nature and familiarity with the act of craftsmanship. These issues motivated Sachiko to co-found Perspective in June of 2019.

共同代表 堤卓也

Takuya Tsutsumi

Co-founder, Urushi refiner

Takuya works as the fourth generation of Urushi refiners at Tsutsumi Asakichi Urushi Store, which has refined Urushi since the Meiji Era (1868-1912).
Urushi refiners’ work lies between that of the urushikaki and the nushi/nurishi. Urushikaki are tradesmen who cultivate and gather Urushi, which is tree sap. Nushi/nurishi are craftsmen who use the Urushi to make lacquered products such as bowls and Buddhist ritual implements. As an Urushi refiner experiencing the drop-off in domestic Urushi production, Takuya decided to create “urushi-no-ippo,” (lit. Our first steps in Urushi) an initiative to get the next generation to take an interest in and use Urushi items.
Through innovative collaborations with other creators such as in “Urushi×Alaia,” “Urushi x BMX,” and “Urushi x skateboard,” Takuya has created new opportunities for people to connect with Urushi.In hopes of passing on Urushi, a sustainable natural ingredient that has been used in Japan for more than ten thousand years, to the coming generations, Takuya co-founded Perspective in June of 2019.

Team Members

Robin Hoshino


Robin, who is originally from Ireland, is a true Renaissance woman: she is a practitioner of aikido, an illustrator, a designer, a movie director, and a translator; the common thread weaving together her many roles is her talent for fostering communication between people.

Mamoru Tonoshita

Sustainable Forest Designer

Mamoru is a forestry professional who majored in forest ecology and looks at the forest from both large and small-scale perspectives. Born and raised in Keihoku, the forest is his home, his playground, his library, and his workplace. He is an encyclopedia of knowledge and an avid storyteller about the mountains and rivers.

Tadashi Koike

Sustainable Product Designer

Following a career in design management at Omron Corporation, Tadashi uses the knowledge of production he gained during his career to support craftsmanship for Keihoku and its forests while enjoying a post-retirement life close to nature. Currently, he lives and works in both Keihoku and Kyoto City.

Tsutsumi Asakichi Urushi Store

Urushi refinery

Co-founder Takuya Tsutsumi’s family business. An Urushi refinery founded in the Meiji Period (1868-1912). Their knowledge and initiative have helped bring in sympathizers with this important cause; they also serve as an important driving force for PERSPECTIVE. Tsutsumi Asakichi Urushi Store shares both resources and goals with PERSPECTIVE.


Local Entrepreneurial Partners

Through education and sustainable tourism, roots is passing on the knowledge left in Keihoku’s mountain villages, and developing it into ideas that can be used worldwide.

Satoyama Design manages brand identity design for Keihoku’s local businesses, and uses their extensive local network to promote Keihoku itself.

Regional Supporters

Kyoto Municipal Agriculture and Forestry Promotion Center in Keihoku
Gappei Kinen Forest Council
Kyoto Cooperative Sustainable Development Goals Consortium
AWL Keihoku
Yuge Local Council

Academic Partners

Osaka University Ethnography Lab
Kyoto Institute of Technology Design Lab

Production Partners

Makoto Yoshida (Cabinet making)
Tomoya Hyodo (Sashimono, joinery)
Keikou Nishimura and his studio (Urushi painting)
Mamoru Tanaka (Lumber and sawmill)
Mokkougei Nipponia
Agemi Sekkeishitsu

Company Overview

Company name
Founding date
June 3rd, 2019
Main Office: 48 Fuji-no-moto,Keihoku-tsuji-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Fab Village Keihoku: Former Keihoku 3rd Primary School, Dansho 27, Kamiyuge-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto city
Sachiko Takamuro, Takuya Tsutsumi

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